Book Our Plays ‘Broken’, ‘Too Late’ or ‘Stand’

We want to partner with you in reaching your world for Christ. If you would like for us to bring this dramatic presentation “Broken” to your group/church at no cost, email us with your contact information and identify at least 3 days/times that best fit your schedule and we will contact you.

Dramatic presentations is a great way to communicate the life changing Gospel of Christ. It can communicate to some people what a sermon never can.  Some people just relate better to seeing something acted out. They may never be reached through a sermon but the drama grabs their attention.

Drama can open up hearts so that people can hear. Making people laugh or think can be a great way for the words of Christ to enter into hearts. A good drama can make a person relax and let their guard down. When that happens, God’s truth can enter and change can happen. Drama is a great way to help set the stage for allowing God to move. Jesus used a lot of stories to communicate His message.

We ask that you would prayfully consider financially supporting Metro Life Church monthly. Please partner with us in reaching the lost and providing this drama “Broken” and future productions free of charge. Click here to donate online or you can mail your donation to PO BOX 10148 Detroit MI 48210.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support of Metro Life Church as we continue to share the message and love of Jesus Christ in Detroit and beyond.